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NGUYEN HOA IMP&EXP – SERVICE –TRADING – MANUFACTURING CO., LTD formerly was a unit specializing in producing civil pumps. Over 20 years of establishment and operation, Nguyen Hoa company has researched, developed various kinds of high quality submersible pumps, rocket pumps especially for deep wells with  the horsepower of motors ranged from 0.5 to 7.5 . Our products have met with customers’ diversified requirements:Multistory buildings, watering for farm produce and industrial crops…at hinterland, far regions where system of common extremely deep bored & dug wells which regular pumps cannot blow up.


NGUYEN HOA rocket pump trade mark has been more and more believed and utilized by customers. Having today’s success , NGUYEN HOA company relies on the support, confidence, assistance of all of its customers on the whole country.


With skilled and young team of workers and staff of engineers with seniority in water pump production branch, NGUYEN HOA company always exerts all its strength and perfects itself, continuously improves its quality, samples to become a companion of respected customers on the way of development.

Our motto:                                                                      HIGH QUALITY – REASONABLE PRICE

                                                                       TO SERVE CUSTOMERS THE BEST

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ĐT: 08.37194.389 (văn phòng) . ĐTDĐ: 0905.625.924 - Fax: 08.3592.3117
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